• Leva Bates

    Orlando FL


  • Gender: Female Height: 5'2" Hair Color: Black/Purple Eyes: Blue

  • Theatre

    year title job title director production company
    2006 Faustus Project 14
    Evil Angel, Lust
    Rob O'Brien
    Crooked Twilight Theatre
    2004 Little Red Riding Hood
    Little Red
    Jason Leyva
    Double JJ Children's Theatre
    2006 8th Voyage of Sindbad
    Figurehead Demon/Stunt Woman
    2008 Oh The Stories You Will Hear
    Thing 1 & 2
    2007 Terminator 2: 3D
    Sarah Connor
    2005 Startoons 80's Rewind
    Winnie Woodpecker/Curious George/Dancer
    2012 Universal's Superstar Parade
    2011 Pirate Fight!
    Norma Bates


    year title job title director production company
    2007 Dolor
    A Killing Jar Production
    2007 The Cross
    Natasha Bresnov
    Chris Rosario
    A Chris's Room Production
    2007 Nightwing
    Harley Quinn
    Chris Rosario
    A Chris's Room Production


    year title job title director production company
    2010 Wrestlicious Takedown
    Emo Leigh
    Michael Vettor
    Wrestlicious Productions
    2009 Total Nonstop Action Wrestling
    TNA Wrestling
    2010 The Lottery Changed My Life
    Emo Leigh
    TLC Network
  • Publication

    • Startoons Superforce, "Ka-Blam Publishing", 2009
    • Leva, "Ka-Blam Publishing", 2009
    • Halo and the Star Scouts, "Ka-Blam Publishing", 2009
  • Training

    • Theatre Acting, Dr. Mark Malinauskas, Lissa Graham-Schneider
    • Classical Acting , Bob Valentine
    • Acting in Film, W. Earl Brown
    • Auditioning & Acting in Front of the Camera, Scott Cooper (Evolution Talent Management)
    • Wrestling, Team 3D Academy, Devon Dudley, Bubba Ray Dudley, Matt Bentley, Ricky Vega
    • Dancing, Ivan Pulinkala, Caroline Thomas, Jennifer Leyva
    • Movement, Christopher Neiss
    • Stunt, Jason Leyva, Michael Fleetwood; Ric Garcia
    • Tae Kwon Do , Tung Dinh
    • Kickboxing, Tung Dinh
    • Voice, James I. Schemp, Stephen Keen, Toby S. Pruett
  • Skills

    • Performance skills: High Fall(35ft); Stage Combat; Zipline, Firearms; Sword-fighting; Archery; Costume Character; Puppeteering; Improv; Balloon Animals
    • Athletic skills: Wrestling, Tae Kwon Doe; Kickboxing; Basic Tumbling; Basketball; Swimming; Softball; Cheerleading Trained; Rollerblading; Hula Dance
    • Dialects: Standard American; Southern, Texan; Received British; British lower class; Irish, Austrailian, some Scottish
    • Musical instruments: Saxophone (Alto, Tenor and Baritone)
    • Useful skills: Public Relations; Stagecraft; Valid Driver
  • Employment

    • xxxx Combat Championship Wrestling, Florida
    • xxxx All-Star Wrestling, Florida
    • xxxx American Combat Wrestling, Florida
    • xxxx Coastal Championship Wrestling, Florida
    • xxxx Dynamite Championship Wrestling, Florida
    • xxxx Extreme Air Wrestling, Mexico
    • xxxx Full Impact Pro Wrestling, Florida
    • xxxx Quality Wrestling Every Single Time, Florida
    • xxxx Ring Wars Carolina, North Carolina
    • xxxx Shimmer Women's Athletes, Illinois
    • xxxx Supercon Wrestling, Florida
    • xxxx Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, Florida
    • xxxx Vintage Pro Wrestling, Florida
    • xxxx Ultimate Championship Wrestling, Kentucky
    • xxxx United States Championship Wrestling, Florida
    • xxxx Women Superstars Uncensored Wrestling, New Jersey
    • xxxx World Extreme Wrestling, Florida
    • xxxx World 1 South, Georgia
    • xxxx Wrestle Birmingham, Alabama
    • xxxx Wrestlicious Takedown, Florida