Sorry for the lack of updates, but I am using the free version of this website and ran out of room.  I plan on purchasing a bigger package, but with the holidays, move and getting ready for costumes for upcoming shows, funds have ran a bit short.  But enough about that; the good stuff! 

Im wrestling Jillian Hall for PWX this weekend. Im working on a plan... ;p


I hear Im going to be in some awesome craziness in WSU in March



I got some BIG stuff brewing; I cant wait to go into detail!! Also Regeneration X is working hard on our upcoming projects and surprises! SO MUCH TO COME!


Hey wanna see some cool pics?


from menu of Shimmer vol 42!

Also from last Shimmer thanks to Gilda Pasquil: regenerationchif regenchifed

Here's fun fan art of myself, Los Ben Dejos and Jesse Neal & CVE from TaniaDX: zombiegroup

Oh yeah if you havent heard, Im the current CCW women's champ! And I think that catches us up!! ^_^