September has come and gone. And with its departure has left several incredible memories in its wake! I wrestled for an incredible cause, Hope for a Single Mom, in the fight against breast cancer. I faced off with Kimberly and came out on top! superkick

I debuted and was victorious at Indygurlz in Booton, NJ, against Kimber Lee. The people, the girls, the place and the fans were so incredibly warm and friendly! I debuted my Rambo costume; I even checked a bag of weapons just for this show! Never know what im packing...


After Indygurlz, I came back home and faced Kimberly on familar stomping grounds for Shine Wrestling. Showing that I was willing to fight anything, dead or alive; I donned my brand new Rick Grimes costume and did what I had to do... win. I arrested Kimberly and laid her out with a superkick. Not bad for a day's work as a sheriff from KY! 

rick leva




The next day I faced Santana for the SCW Women's Championship! I think my short comings were a direct result of Mrs Orlando"s involvement of the match. But I looked rather dapper in my Joker attire! 

why so serious joker

I had to face Santana again in Jacksonville for USWA. Our ride ended up having some problems including exploding tires!


I decided to play my mischevious side and do the Cheshire Cat

cat cheshire

Some other craziness happened this month; I promise to touch on other things when the time is right... 

Thanks for taking the quick trip of Sept with me! Be sure to follow me on twitter, Instagram and tout: wrestlingleva on all of the accounts. As well as my fb fanpage! That link is on my homepage!

Now I must get ready for October!! I face Kalamity for WSU. And it was JUST announced that I am taking on Jessicka Havok for Shine 4. Which I know will be nothing short of monumental! Following that Regeneration X goes for gold against the Canadian Ninjas! 

Fasten your seatbelts and place your trays in an upright position, cuz im taking off! Til next time!!!