I keep saying I need a web master or bribe Jonathan to do my site for me, but this has yet to happen as you can see thus! I believe my last update was in early Oct of last year!! I just honestly dont have the extra time to do this! But here I am working on this somewhat update.  

SO MUCH AS HAPPENED SINCE THEN! Triumphant victories; crushing defeats; seeing new places and old friends; and my tag partner, my hetero-lifemate, Allison Danger, retired. 


Most of the buzz that was around me this 1st half of the year was my work in Shine Wrestling.  The feud with Kimberly ended up going to a level I never fully expected. Anger, hate & violence all were brought to the surface. I was in types of matches I have never had the chance to do before, limits were tested and I found sides of me I never knew existed.  I always knew I had more in me than a girl with a costume and some jokes. I think I finally had the chance to show it.  There can not be light without darkness... 


The rest of 2013, honestly, has been amazing too! Had some really awesome matches & got to travel around. Met Crazy Mary Dobson and loved our match in Indiana for D1W.  Struck gold in Shimmer with Miss Natural as Spock.  Stood next to Danger all the way to her final match. It was a tremendous honor to be by her side in Shimmer and this journey! Met Jessicka Havok in the ring twice and loved every second of it since my last post. And I am in the next round for the tournament to crown the 1st Shine Championship.  I know I am forgetting so much..like wresttling my sis, Kellie Skater; facing the Femme Fatale champ(at the time), Kalamity, welcoming Serena Deeb back to Shimmer in NJ; wrestling as Gandalf and rolling saves to see if Sienna Duvall can get out of my submissions; fighting zombies with Jessica James and so much more!



The next few things on my plate: Queen of Queens tournament for ACW in TX.; & the rest of the tournament at Shine 11, which is also the 1 yr anniversary for Shine


I am pretty awesome at keeping everyone update via social media: Twitter: wrestlingleva; Instagram: wrestlingleva & FB: Leva Bates (official FB page)  Keep up with those for the most up to date info on me!!!  Thanks for all your patience!

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